Because Good Smells Matter

Our senses are incredibly powerful, and our sense of smell, when engaged, can impact our mood, our behaviors, and the decisions we make. A positive association with a certain smell can bsmellgoode uplifting, bringing us to a place of relaxation or calm (imagine the spa-like smell of essential oils and fragrances). Likewise, a bad smell can immediately create repulsion and negative judgements (bad body odor). While noses haven’t been at the forefront of sensory research, that trend is changing and more research is suggesting the importance and the impact of our sense of smell. Research is suggesting that our intuition is linked largely to our active scent with women being able to smell when a man is horny or afraid. Pretty amazing, right?

And even if the smell doesn’t conjure up a significant realization, the impact of pleasant smells are enough to improve mood. Think of the perfume industry or the amount of scented lotions and candles available for purchase. Good smells is a booming industry. We need to have some discretion with the way we bring good scents into our lives, as studies have shown the chemicals that create the scent in candles, lotions, and air fresheners can be toxic. candle

But there is much to smell in the natural world. Blooming flowers, the air after a morning rain, the strong aroma of the redwoods or pines. Essential oils are a great way to generate the positive effects of our sense of smell. And, they are natural, meaning they are non-toxic. Engaging our senses is great way to feel alive and induce enjoyable sentiments, so today, we challenge you to smell something pleasant. Then take notice of how you feel. It’s a simple way to bring on a feeling of goodness.

lorri sulpizio

About lorri sulpizio

Lorri is a former college-basketball coach and personal trainer, turned leadership professional. She is Director of the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego and principal consultant at Lotus Leadership Institute. She loves anything fitness, reading and spending time with her kids and family.