Because Sugar Matters (And you should minimize it)

Every five years, the government puts out dietary guidelines to help us Americans make healthier choices for the food we consume.  Just in time to help you in your wellness goals for 2016, the 2015 report is here. Topping the list this year: limit your sugar intake.

We all know this, as sugar has been on the dietary naughty list for some time. Not only does it rot our teeth, it contains no nutrients and spikes our blood glucose levels giving us a false sense of energy and then a hard crash . This Harvard study linked sugar consumption to a significant raised risk in death from heart disease. Really, sugar does nothing for you.

Minimizing sugar is difficult because it’s EVERYWHERE. If you don’t check the label or look carefully, that glass of juice that appears to come from a healthy carton might really be full of sugar. If it’s not 100% fruit juice, you don’t want to drink it. Sodas are terrible. Jams and jellies are often filled with more sugar that any other ingredient. How about your peanut butter? Check the label. Is there sugar in the ingredient list? Check your spaghetti sauce. And be warned that bbq sauce is full of sugar. You might be surprised to see how many foods are full of refined sugar. Muffins, oatmeal bars, even some breads have added sugar.

Not good. And worse, is how much we consume. So we invite you, or challenge you, rather, to join us in really limiting your sugar. The first step is to become aware of the sugar you consume. The next step is to select healthy alternatives to replace sugar-full foods.

Need more reasons to minimize sugar in your diet? Here are 146 of them. Check out this list to see how sugar contributes to poor health.
If you want to see the full report on the 2015 guidelines, check it out here.

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