Creating Your Bucket List

No one likes to think about death or the (very real) fact that we are each going to die one day, so the very thought of doing a bucket list drudges up discomfort. I’m going to suggest that we reframe the concept of a bucket list to NOT be about death, but about life. Essentially, this list is full of the things you want to do with your LIFE. Sure, the idea behind the name is to remind yourself what you want to accomplish before you “kick the bucket,” but really, you are creating a list of the ways you will create a meaningful and memorable life (assuming you actually do some of the things on the list).

A quick internet search on “my bucket list” yields a variety of results ranging from people’s desire to go white water rafting, skydiving, learn a foreign language, travel to 5 other countries. Sbucket_listome items were less grandiose, such as write by hand more, grow a garden, buy flowers every other week for a year.

This challenge calls on you to think about what’s important in your life and what things you’d like to do with your life. Then, you get a list going that can act as a guide for helping remind you of the things you’d like to do. To cool thing is, you can edit your bucket list as things become more or less desirable to you. This list isn’t written in stone, it’s as alive as you are.

Here are some more reasons why a bucket list is worthwhile-

It gives you purpose– thinking about your life and what you want to do with it helps remind you about the ‘why.’ We get stuck in the how–how am I going to make money? How am I going to spend enough time with family? How am I going to buy a house? If you don’t know why you are doing these things, it doesn’t really matter if you do them or not.

Gets you out of the daily grind– it’s so easy to get stuck in the chores of life and forget how much fun it is to have fun. A list of the things you want to do is a great reminder of what’s important.

Sets your sights on the bigger picture– Ever hear that phrase that the days are long but the years are short? Life just seems to fly by, and sometimes we miss it when we are lost in the long haul of our ever-packed days. So expand your perspective on your life and zoom out to the bigger picture.

bucket_ We think you’ll like this exercise, and no matter where you are in the chronology of your life, we hope you start living it the way you want to. And now that you have your list, you can.

lorri sulpizio

About lorri sulpizio

Lorri is a former college-basketball coach and personal trainer, turned leadership professional. She is Director of the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego and principal consultant at Lotus Leadership Institute. She loves anything fitness, reading and spending time with her kids and family.