Dance to your own beat

Whether it’s tango, salsa, line-dancing, hip hop or your own groovy style, music touches something unique in each of us. It has the ability to shift our mood and even how our mind works. In a recent study, researchers found that dancing helped to alleviate depression and anxiety.  Dancing also helps our mental outlook, improves confidence and helps with muscle tone and balance. Dancing hits it out of the park when it comes to health benefits.

The steps to this challenge are simple: be free and be yourself!

  1. Break the rules!  Don’t worry about which song, which kind of dance or if you like to sing along or not. It doesn’t matter!
  2. The feeling as you dance should be authentic and real to you, whether you bust some powerful hip hop dance moves, try gentle movements like a ballet dancer or do serious dance moves like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.
  3. Have some fun and let loose!

The power of dance has proven to be a great activity on different levels.

  • Dance increases your heart rate, benefitting your cardiovascular system. Two great examples are famous fitness-based classes: Jazzercise and Zumba.   
  • Dancing has a unique effect on our minds as well. It has shown to decrease dementia as well as Parkinson’s Disease. Dancing has a positive effect on our mental health at all stages of our lives.
  • Dancing can get you out of a funk and remind you that life can be beautiful, and you should enjoy each moment.  

The Spiritual Power Of Dance
The author sees dancing is a part of something bigger.

The Healing Powers of Dance
Dancing has physical benefits such as improving cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.  It also has a unique way of connecting to our core emotions and mental state.  It has shown to decrease dementia as well as Parkinson’s.

Dance Your Way to Improved Fitness
Evidence proves that dancing doesn’t just have emotional and psychological benefits but it is also great for the heart.

Dance – Health Benefits
Click here for a brief outline of various benefits and suggestions to take your dancing to the next level:

Effects of dance movement therapy and dance on health-related psychological outcomes: A meta-analysisA large study shows how music can help with depression and anxiety in addition to physical health benefits:

Cynthia Miranda

About Cynthia Miranda

Cynthia Miranda has been in the fitness industry over 20 years including a degree in Sports Medicine, certifications with spinning, yoga, TRX, CrossFit and even Zumba! She has worked and is working with clients with all different levels of health & fitness from cardiac rehab patients to athletes to workaholics. Cynthia is an avid mountain biker and loves to be outside hiking and camping when she can. She is a mother of three girls ranging from 9 to 16.

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