Mountain Climbers- A Great Full Body Choice

Mountain climbers are a great exercise in that they work muscles up and down the body, as well as challenge the heart’s cardiovascular capacity. This is a great muscular and cardio exercise and can be used as a way to get your body warm before a workout or for the workout itself.

The how-to of this exercise goes like this:

  1. Begin in a pushup or high-plank position (those positions are the same). Ensure that your shoulders are over your hands.
  2. Engage your core (which means to not only contract your abs, but attempt to engage the deeper muscles of your abdomen and pelvis.
  3. Bring one knee forward, toward your hands, keeping that toe off the ground. Bring that leg back to the starting position and do the same thing with the other leg.mountain climbers
  4. Make sure that your hips don’t lift up when your legs are coming forward. Keep your core engaged and maintain the plank position.
  5. Keep switching. Once you get comfortable with the movement, try to make it quick and explosive. Continue “climbing the mountain” until you reach your target number, i.e, 20 (10 on each side) or target time, i.e, 60 seconds.

Check out this short video that shows you how to do mountain climbers.  The trainer in the video gives a great explanation and demonstration for this exercise.

Happy climbing!

lorri sulpizio

About lorri sulpizio

Lorri is a former college-basketball coach and personal trainer, turned leadership professional. She is Director of the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego and principal consultant at Lotus Leadership Institute. She loves anything fitness, reading and spending time with her kids and family.

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