Shadow boxing

I’ve never hit a person in my life.  Okay, maybe a jab here or there after a good joke.  But when it comes to boxing, sparring, or MMA, I’m a wimp.  This challenge isn’t about getting you to fight. We just want to get you moving in a way that makes you comfortable in your own skin, in your own muscles, in your own movement.  Think of it as a kind of dancing.

Shadow Boxing is the cornerstone to boxing training for its ability to improve footwork, skill, and coordination.  Boxers are known to practice shadow boxing for 30-60 minutes to prep them for the ring.  But just 3 minutes will help you feel spirited and full of spunk. The motion will put air in your legs and blood in your veins.  

Why shadow box?

  • Improves eye hand coordination
  • Hones in balance
  • Strengthens your arms and legs
  • Utilizes core strength
  • Stimulates the brain and receptors
  • Makes you smile and have fun

If you have never tried Shadow Boxing, here are some guidelines to set the tone.  But again, there are no rules so have fun!

Five steps to shadow boxing

  1. Have a balanced stance with one leg forward.
  2. Bring your arms up in front of your face.
  3. Shift your weight in your legs in a natural rhythm.  Bring some sass and life into your step and dance around.  
  4. Add a squat here and there for some added intensity.
  5. Stay relaxed in your own skin and be as fluid as you can.
  6. Try combinations like this: left jab, right upper cut, and quick left and right hook.

Shadow boxing is truly an art form and the fitness industry respects the benefits of this type of workout.  If you are looking for a complete 30-60 minute workout related to shadow boxing, check out this shadow boxing workout by IDEA.

Read more about the benefits of shadow boxing and boxing.  


Cynthia Miranda

About Cynthia Miranda

Cynthia Miranda has been in the fitness industry over 20 years including a degree in Sports Medicine, certifications with spinning, yoga, TRX, CrossFit and even Zumba! She has worked and is working with clients with all different levels of health & fitness from cardiac rehab patients to athletes to workaholics. Cynthia is an avid mountain biker and loves to be outside hiking and camping when she can. She is a mother of three girls ranging from 9 to 16.

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