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Quality conversations regarding healthcare decisions are a central tenant of patient-and-family-centered care, particularly for patients living with advanced illness. These conversations can reduce anxiety, improve quality of life, and help to support families throughout the disease trajectory. There are advantages to the patient, family, multidisciplinary team, and healthcare system for having early and advance care planning conversations.1-4

Advance care planning is central to quality care.² Advance care planning has been shown to increase the satisfaction of patients and families and help align medical delivery with patient preferences.6

Advanced care planning is a process. It should be fluid enough to narrow or widen its focus and direction for treatment choices as needed. Ideally, Advance care Planning would readily encompass healthy individuals and help prepare both the patient and their chosen surrogate to make decisions, not just for life prolonging medical decisions but also for the more routine medical decisions required in chronic and serious illness.²

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Cassia is a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center. She graduated with her MSN from Point Loma Nazerene University and has been with UC San Diego Health since 2008.

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