What’s New with Team Better

Welcome back to Team Better!  We’ve been working behind the scenes to clean things up and make things easier.  Here are few new things you can look for:

Point Decrease – For each challenge, you get 2 days to complete it for full points.  After that, you can still do that challenge (and we hope that you do!), but you will only receive 50% points.  For example, Monday’s challenge is worth 10 points.  If you complete it Monday or Tuesday, you will receive 10 points.  Starting Wednesday, the challenge will still be open to you, but for 5 points.

Notification customization – Many of you requested different times or time zone settings for when to receive your notifications.  You can now personalize this using the ‘Settings’ option on the menu.

Customize your notification times
Customize your notification times

Rate Challenges – After saying yes (or no) to completing a challenge, you can now tell us what you thought about it.  These ratings will help us with creating future challenges as well as learning about which challenges you like most

Tell us which challenges you like
Tell us which challenges you like


Suggest a challenge – This experience is about you.  If you have something you’d like to see as a challenge (or any other kind of feedback), we’ve provided a place where you can talk to us and tell us what you think, what you’d like to see and how we can improve the experience for you. You can find the “Recommend a challenge” link at the bottom of the list of challenges on your profile page.

Create your own challenge and tell us about it. Maybe you'll see it in the next contest!
Create your own challenge and tell us about it. Maybe you’ll see it in the next contest!

Feedback – We also added a Feedback link in the menu for any thoughts, confusions, ideas you have for us.  Please let us know how we can get Better, too.

Invite Friends – There is an invite friends link on the menu also.  We believe in the power of positive peer pressure.  Help your friends (and let them help you) get better together.

About norm hamson

Norm is President and CTO of Team Better.