Why Wellness?

nature3It’s the buzzword of our times. Wellness. We have articles dedicated to how important it is, we have news segments telling us how to do it, and we people available for hire to help us achieve it.


What does it even mean, and really, how can we bring a bit more of it into our lives?

Wellness is as much a means as it is an end. It is the process and the product. Wellness is our state of being as well as it is the choices we make.

At it’s core, wellness is a philosophy that informs our thoughts and actions toward the realization and appreciation that our best potential is fully achieved through an integration of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Now, how to do all that is another whole bag of complications, distractions, and difficulties.stacked-rocks

But, here’s the thing. I believe most of us know that a holistic approach to feeling good is the best way to go through life. I believe that most of us want to feel fulfilled in our jobs, in our relationships, and have the energy to move through the world with a quiet confidence in our overall health.

I believe that we all value wellness.

Because we value wellness, we also value our selves. And because we value ourselves, we are willing to commit to wellness. We do things like choose to get adequate sleep, go out and take a walk, try to meditate (no matter how much our mind resists the quiet), eat kale, connect with our closest friends on a deeper, more fulfilling level, engage in preventative medical care, limit alcohol, and explore ways to be compassionate and kind.

But it’s hard. We live in a world that offers us un-well temptations at every corner. The lures toward poor choices are everywhere. So, what’s one to do? Small steps and self-compassion are critical. It’s best to begin with bite-sized pieces and make minor changes, as those are the ones that are most likely to become a habit—and its a lifestyle change toward wellness habits that we’re after.

And then, when you stay up too late, order a large dessert, miss a workout, have a fight with your spouse, when anything in your life falls on that un-well list, be kind to yourself. This is the journey. This is living, and it can be a bumpy road. As one of my mentors once shared with me, ‘sometimes, life gets in the way of life.’ When that happens just know that you have another chance, another opportunity to do it better tomorrow. And there are little things that can help you on your path to living well.

Awareness is essential

Just reading this. Just thinking about this topic you are increasing your awareness and bringing the idea of a wellness lifestyle into your space. That’s a great start. The power of attention is a strong on, and what we focus on will grow.

Wellness integrates several aspects of our self to provide a holistic approach

There are many versions of the wellness wheel, which suggests that health is dynamics and includes a variety of parts. We focus on: Physical, Emotional, Social, Nutritional, Intellectual, Spiritual and Medical.

Wellness efforts are not a Band-Aid

womanWellness gets to the root of our lifestyle and a choosing wellness is an attempt to shift away from the reactive medicine approaches that treat symptoms but never address the underlying cause. With a wellness lens, we identify the values that drive our behaviors, and then help choose behaviors that promote positive health longevity.

We invite you to join us in the wellness effort. We’re with you, working toward our own wellness alongside you. Together we’ll improve our state of being and find strategies to live better as our best selves.


lorri sulpizio

About lorri sulpizio

Lorri is a former college-basketball coach and personal trainer, turned leadership professional. She is Director of the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego and principal consultant at Lotus Leadership Institute. She loves anything fitness, reading and spending time with her kids and family.